Nights out on the town in San Diego are always full of excitement and fun, with eclectic and unique bars scattered all around the city. While you may have a usual routine for your nights off of work, we have some good evidence for you to switch up the weekends in the future. If you’re looking for a new experience from your usual Saturday night out, look no further than the Whistle Stop Bar in South Park.

Especially if you were a nineties kid, you definitely remember the heyday of hip hop music – it was played on top 40 stations, in underground clubs, on MTV, and at high school dances. From rap to hip hop to R&B, those tunes bring back great memories. But why did that era need to end? As pop and electro dance music hit the mainstream it gets harder and harder to find that hip hop beat that so many of us grew up with. Those electro-pop nights are fun, but sometimes you may be hoping for a variety and a little throwback.

Booty Bassment nights at Whistle Stop are best for dancing, drinking, and hip hop music of eras past. Dance away the week’s worries in this South Park bar, enjoying the compact atmosphere and tunes with friends. DJs run the turntables (or Spotify playlists), start the party at 9pm, and keep the fun going until closing time.

These next two Saturdays are the perfect time to take advantage of these bass filled nights. March 11,2017 at 9pm two DJs – Dimitri and Rob – will man the music, with a $5 cover charge. Get there a little earlier than showtime and enjoy happy hour until 8pm, featuring $4 drafts & $5 wells. Two weeks later, the Booty Bassment show on March 25, 2017 is free, so you can treat yourself to an extra drink without the payment of the cover. Be sure to bring cash when you’re going to Whistle Stop, though, as they don’t accept credit cards.

These parties are held on every second and fourth Saturday of the month, so if you miss out on March, you won’t be left hanging.

The Whistle Stop Bar brands itself “the little bar that could,” and features a full bar, as well as other events like “weekly dj events, board games, fashion shows, political rallies, live radio remotes, knitting jams, craft fairs, live music, movie screenings, pool, darts, video games, outstanding jukebox selection, and a hidden smoking patio.” While the smoking patio isn’t all that hidden, it’s still provides the opportunity to have a cigarette (if that’s your sort of thing) without having to put down your drink.

If you’re down for a good time and aren’t afraid to sweat it out, head to the Whistle Stop Bar on your next free Saturday night.