Mechanic Resurrection Release Date: Jason Statham Did It Only For The Money?! Net Worth & More!
Fans thought that the adventures of Jason Statham as The Mechanic were over. In the 2011 film, the mechanic completed his mission, got his revenge and disappeared. He had hoped that he would be leaving his hitman life behind. It was an appropriate ending for many. This may not have been the case however, as Jason Statham is confirmed to be working on a sequel.

The Mechanic Resurrection Release Date is something fans of the old hitman can look forward to. What exactly brought the hitman out of retirement What new enemies and intrigue will Statham’s character face? These are questions that will rise as the Mechanic Resurrection Release Date draws near.

Mechanic Resurrection Release Date: New players and a new game

Leading up to the Mechanic Resurrection Release Date, plot line details have been released. TheMechanic, known by his name Arthur Bishop, finds himself involved in a deadly game thanks to a cunning woman played by Jessica Alba. The result is an adventure which forces him to assassinate three high profile individuals. These targets are not ordinary in any way.

They are among the most well protected people in the world whether they be from government or a corporation. Bishop cannot fail however, as his own life and that of the woman he loves are on the line should he fail. This is quite a situation our hitman finds himself in. Can he shoot his way out of it? Or will a villain finally get the better of the assassin. Fans are eager to find out and are looking forward to the Mechanic Resurrection Release Date.

Another pay day for Statham

The Mechanic film that was released in 2011 was actually a remake of a 1972 film of the same name. The remake itself received mixed reviews from critics and fans of the old film. Even then, it was a major net boost to Statham at that time. At present, the action film star has a net worth of over $30 million.

Will the upcoming Mechanic Resurrection Release Date be another payday for him? It looks like it. Even if the film itself will only garner mixed reviews we can expect viewers to be entertained by the action. Good or bad movie, The Mechanic will continue to be an action film staple.